THREE ANCIENT TALES of unwed pregnancy.

Plus, some related thoughts from Katie Granju. And some thoughts for parents of teenagers.

Reader Jean Tuttle, meanwhile, emails: “Next time you see a Rep. person tell them since Obama is so focused on Gov.Palin she should offer to debate him. Why should she waste time with Biden since only she and Obama seem to be running for the presidency at the moment?” Well, I’ll probably run into a Republican person somewhere around this convention. . . .

UPDATE: Reader Michael Wenberg writes:

As dad to a seventeen-year-old daughter who just gave birth to a baby, I want to throw my two cents into the mix for adoption. Teen moms can certainly do what they want, but I’m concerned that recent high profile teen pregnancies (Gov. Palin’s daughter, Jamie Lynn Spears) seem to overemphasize teens keeping their baby. As dad to three great kids who became ours via adoption instead of the byproduct of my wife and I fooling around, I want to say that adoption isn’t a second or even third option, but a “great” option for young teen moms. I can speak firsthand to adoption from both sides of the coin, and there are very real emotional consequences to entrusting your child (or grandchild) to someone else, but for us and many, many others, it was and is a wonderful choice for that baby. . .that’s the often overlooked component in all of this. . . .what’s the best choice for the baby, not what will make the adults “feel” better right at the moment.

Good point.