THE PJTV PROGRAMMING FROM YESTERDAY is now online and can be watched for free. Meanwhile, reader Justin Peter emails:

Since you are actually AT the convention I don’t think you saw this, but I’d like to get your take on it. Last night every single news network focused their coverage on Gustav and not the RNC. Not to take anything away from the folks on the Gulf that have just endured a natural disaster, but when was the last time all major networks ran a special report on a Category 2 hurricane that missed major cities? When was the last time the nation got to see a poncho clad Katie Couric on prime time? There was no last time. It didn’t happen until it coincided with the Republican National Convention.

It was so obvious even my wife noticed – given she’s an Obama supporter that is pretty damning.

Well, there wasn’t a lot happening on the floor yesterday, except for the Laura Bush / Cindy McCain appearance. But PJTV was covering lots of non-hurricane news, so if you don’t like what the networks are dishing out, come on over! And if PJTV ever has me in a poncho doing the usual windblown hurricane stand-up, feel free to email me with abuse.