A FAIR HIT: Noting that Sarah Palin supports abstinence education in place of traditional sex-ed. I’m not a fan of abstinence education, and while this is hardly proof that it doesn’t work — plenty of teenagers get pregnant after having traditional sex-ed, too — it’s a fair point.

My daughter, meanwhile, got one of those robot babies — I think it was called “Baby Think Twice” or something like that — that wakes up and cries and has to be fed, changed, etc, and produces a printout of how well you did. But although it’s clearly intended to make motherhood look less appealing, she liked it and, like several of her friends, said it made her want a baby more. Gulp.

UPDATE: Sissy Willis: “If McCain can get the votes of all the women who were pregnant at their weddings, it’ll be a landslide!”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Pointing out that Palin is pro-contraception. So am I!

MORE: Some thoughts from Hilzoy.