mkhambberry.jpgSO WHAT I’M HEARING from people who covered the DNC as well as this convention is that the former was a lot better organized, with event schedules available online and everybody (at least in the press) knowing what was going on when. There’s certainly a lot of confusion about what’s going on here now. Some of that can be blamed on the hurricane, of course, but apparently the RNC decided not to make schedules online for “security” reasons, which means that it’s much harder to update things on short notice, and to get the word out.

Whether you can draw a larger political lesson from this is up to you. It does mean that the Crackberry addicts — which is, apparently, nearly everybody here but me, and a few iPhone users like Roger Simon — are spending even more time punching those little buttons even more frantically trying to figure out what’s going to happen. And yes, that’s Mary Katharine Ham in the picture at right.

So it’s time for another insta-poll:

Have the Republicans handled Gustav well?
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