MICKEY KAUS: “Note to Cass Sunstein and internet alarmists who argue that the Web results in partisans who listen only to their own facts, reinforcing their extreme opinions, etc. A Daily Kos blogger is refuting the Kos-fueled Palin-baby rumor with a photo found on right-wing site Free Republic, of all places. Moral: The Web encourages encourage cocooning but (unlike other cocoon-generators like cable TV, or gerrymandered congressional districts) it’s also the solvent of cocooning. . . . In this case, viciously partisan Kos bloggers seem to have investigated and knocked down a bit of undernews that many of them would have dearly liked to be true. What’s wrong with that? As of this writing, it looks like they got to the truth pretty rapidly.”

Feminist lawprof Ann Bartow is less pleased.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse is not amused either.