JENNIFER RUBIN thinks that the Gustav-inspired convention changes aren’t so bad for McCain, and I’ve heard more than a few people saying that it won’t do any harm to McCain’s chances that Bush and Cheney won’t be at the Convention.

Meanwhile, I filled my time yesterday by going to see a screening of An American Carol, the new Zucker film that premieres in October. It’s a sort of Christmas Carol remake, with a thinly-disguised Michael Moore in the role of Scrooge (played by Kevin Farley), and visits from, among others, the ghost of George S. Patton (played by Kelsey Grammer), and George Washington (played by Jon Voight). I thought it was quite amusing, with a lot of slapstick humor in Zucker’s trademark Airplane / Naked Gun style. The version I saw wasn’t a final cut, and frankly I think it would be better if they ditched a couple of scenes, but I predict that it will do pretty well at the box office.

Here’s a picture of Roger Simon interviewing Jon Voight for PJTV.