THE INSTA-WIFE on why she’s enthusiastic about Palin.

For me, of course, most of the fun of the past 24 hours has come from watching Democrats get caught up in the whole identity-politics tangle. As the San Francisco Chronicle says, “Republican Sen. John McCain played the gender card like an ace Friday with his surprise choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate.”

Should McCain be above tricks like that? Well, maybe, but . . . nah, it’s politics, who am I kidding? And I have to say, this whole election, which a year or two ago looked to be a boring slog between Hillary and Rudy, has been the most entertaining I can remember. Regardless of how it comes out, let’s be thankful for that!

UPDATE: A less enthusiastic take from Taylor Marsh. [Link was bad before — fixed now. Sorry.]

ANOTHER UPDATE: A response to Taylor Marsh from Freeman Hunt.

Plus, at RedState, a (somewhat snarky) biographical comparison.