WHO WILL MCCAIN PICK FOR VP? A discussion. My thoughts: I like Joe Lieberman, and I like the idea of a bipartisan ticket, but somebody — I forget where I saw this, but send me the link if you know — said that a McCain-Lieberman ticket would look like the greeting committee at an old folks’ home. That’s a little harsh, but I can see it. Romney just feels wrong to me, I’m not sure why. He’s got a good resume and he seems like a nice guy, but he comes across as a bit plastic, the opposite of the “straight talk” brand, I guess. The Insta-Wife likes the idea of Carly Fiorina, but I’m not so sure. I don’t see any great picks for him, which says bad things about the Republicans’ farm team. On the other hand, Joe Biden isn’t exactly a fresh face himself. . . . But neither is McCain, and the Obama-Biden ticket has its fresh face already.