JIM LINDGREN notes that the Obama campaign seems much more upset by Stanley Kurtz’s actions than by Bill Ayers’. And Marc “Armed Liberal” Danziger is unhappy with the campaign’s effort to silence critics.

UPDATE: Here’s an editorial in Investor’s Business Daily. The Ayers connection itself is less interesting to me than the campaign’s over-the-top response. It seems to me that they could have put this behind them already, but instead their reaction seems to be fanning the flames.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Going after a Chicago radio station for hosting a broadcast on the subject. As I say, fanning the flames.

MORE: Still more on The Obama Campaign vs. WGN radio. Two items from Lindgren are worth breaking out here, too: “If Obama or his campaign had ever denounced Ayers with the fervor that his campaign has now used in denouncing Kurtz, Obama wouldn’t be having trouble on his connection to Ayers. ”

Also, “The Obama campaign response is so unusual (the wording used against a member of the press and their contacting TV advertisers on stations running the TV ad) that I wonder if they have polled the issue and they discovered that voters give this whole issue a lot more credence than I think it merits.” Either that or they’re trying to deliver a brush-back against future attacks or scandals. But I’d guess the former.

MORE: Reader George Hancock sends a link to the WGN show’s audio. (Bumped).