MATT WELCH ON THE DEMOCRATS’ new hawkish foreign policy. “You’d think that such a disconnect between anti-war base and pro-interventionist leadership would cause a few brains to explode, but the only people who seem to be hearing the dissonance in Denver are journalists. . . . This is not necessarily change that war-weary Obama supporters can believe in, and in fact it’s much less change than a restoration of the liberal interventionism of Bill Clinton’s second term.”

UPDATE: So what do I think? I’m not sure. I’m relieved that the Dems aren’t going all dove on us, but I’m not particularly impressed with Madeleine Albright, et al. On foreign policy and defense, I suspect an Obama Administration would feature a lot of familiar faces from the Clinton era. We could do worse, I suppose, but I wonder if the habits of mind formed during the 1990s holiday from history will serve us well now.