HOPE, CHANGE, AND A NEW KIND OF POLITICS (CONT’D): Biden’s son consulted for credit company Biden defended in Senate. They are the change we’ve been waiting for? “Remember when Barack Obama wanted to change the manner business got conducted in Washington? If that seems a long time ago, it retreated further in the distance when Team Obama admitted yesterday that running mate Joe Biden had a son consulting MBNA, a credit company who had a lot to lose if a bankruptcy bill Obama opposed became law. Biden actively supported the bill, which made their investment in consultants look wise indeed.”

TalkLeft: “I am the type of Democrat that will vote straight party ticket, from top to bottom, in a general election. They have my vote and usually my support. But I am not all Democratic voters. No politician is entitled to anyone’s support or vote. But what you see projected from the Obama camp and Democrats of late is the notion that Barack Obama is entitled to the support of all Democratic voters.”

It’s that oozing sense of entitlement that some shrewd observers noticed months ago.