“WHIP THAT BOY, AND YOU’LL ANSWER TO ME.” “Who’s me?” “The man totin’ this.”

UPDATE: Frank Ruggles emails: “I didn’t know you were a Webb fan! Back in the 90’s I was a very minor rock star in the East Coast college scene, ( yeah, I’ve had a Forrest Gump life) , anyway, I got to open for Webb Wilder and I gotta tell you, his music rocks, but his decency is the best of any star I ever opened for. He was genuine and spent a good amount of pre-show green room time giving us advice. After the show, he surprised us by purchasing our CD and asking us to autograph it for him. I would guess he’d be to busy to ever listen to it, but what a class move that was. The guy is all class and has a wild sense of humor. Kudos for posting him on your blog .” Yeah, Webb’s a class act. I’ve been a fan for a long time — since I clerked for Judge Merritt in Nashville back in the ’80s — but a bunch of his music just kinda resurfaced in my collection lately due to natural convection or something, and I’m happy to see how much of his stuff is on YouTube now. Including this. And Webb Wilder’s motto — “You’re never too small to hit the big time” — is surely apt for the blogosphere!