OBAMA ON ABORTION: The thing is, I actually agree with his position here. And unlike him I’m willing to admit it!

UPDATE: Hey, I’ve never made any secret about being pro-choice, even if this picture is just a photoshop by Allah. (I’ve never actually had an abortion, though Andrea Mitchell may soon hint otherwise on some talking-head show, probably suggesting that it was McCain’s baby. . . .) I don’t actually know much about the bill in question, and knew even less after Obama started talking about it. Which is often the case when Obama starts talking.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Sorry, people are still confused. I’m one of the relatively few constitutional law professors who believes that Roe was properly decided, though the rationale needs to be understood in terms of limits to legitimate government power rather than affirmative individual rights. (I have a truly marvelous proof for this, but it will not fit in the margin.) As for post-birth — well, that’s outside the Roe framework, and treating babies born alive as babies with the right to remain alive is fine with me.