A POLL: M. Simon at Classical Values thinks that Georgia actually won and what we’re hearing is Russian spin. Most everybody else, however, thinks that Russia won big. What do you think?

Who won in Georgia?
The Russians, by a mile.
Neither, really.
Sarkozy, the peacemaker.
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UPDATE: From the poll comments: “The US response is dominated by the same logic that has dominated US military thought since the end of WWII – for the sake of the survival of the human race, avoid direct confrontation with Russia. That is the overwhelming factor in the US non-response, and any mention of Iraq as a factor proves you are an idiot. (One French written story today contained the line that our presence in Iraq placed our troops far from the conflict, proving the writer had never used a map.) Even if we had our entire cold war era army arrayed on the border of Russia, we’d still not have intervened directly in the Georgian-Russian conflict. The rules of the cold war apply – Russia and the USA can slug it out, but only by proxy.”