JOHN EDWARDS: 99% honest? “I have a hard time believing that Edwards is being 51% honest even now, let alone 99% or 100% honest.”

UPDATE: Plus, what Edwards was saying about Bill Clinton.

Plus, thoughts from Donald Sensing. “Edwards denies being the father of Rielle’s baby. If true (coff), then while Edwards was cheating on Elizabeth, Rielle was cheating on him. You just can’t make this stuff up.” And, sadly, you don’t have to.

MORE: TigerHawk: “Cancer is enormously stressful both for its direct victims and their families. While it is obviously easy to condemn Edwards for cheating on his sick wife and putting his political party in great jeopardy and I normally delight in piling on with the rest of the righties, this once I am going to refrain. There are emotions here that we do not understand and can never understand, and I lack the stomach to sit in judgment of them.”

That hardly gets his enablers in the press off the hook, though, does it?

STILL MORE: The Anchoress:

I think I did mention somewhere, in passing, that once again, the press has been curiously incurious about the behavior of a Democrat when they would have taken a similarly-behaved Republican to the cleaners. And then they wonder why the press polls lower than the congress, which is standing at an approval figure of 9%

John Edwards’ betrayal of his wife is a private affair – to a point – once it’s out there, though, it’s “out there.” In refusing to report a story once it was “out there” the press committed a kind of betrayal, too – one that breaks the public trust just as surely as Edwards broke a private one. That, to me (and many others) was always the bigger story.