DAVE KOPEL AND BOB LEVY: What next for D.C.’s gun laws?

The Supreme Court ruled in June that provisions of Washington, D.C.’s gun laws are unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the city has responded with new regulations that are a flagrant attempt to circumvent the court’s decision.

It’s time for Congress to use the power granted to it in the Constitution to “exercise exclusive legislation” in the District and uphold its residents’ constitutional rights. It can do so by passing the District of Columbia Personal Protection Act now pending in Congress, with a few adjustments. This bill, introduced on July 31 with 57 cosponsors, would prevent D.C. from passing regulations that discourage the private lawful use of firearms or otherwise suppress residents’ Second Amendment rights. . . . Over the years, our elected representatives have adopted a court-centric view of the Constitution — a view that decisions about constitutionality are properly left to the judiciary. But members of Congress also swear to uphold the Constitution. Congress can make good on that oath by restoring the right of Washington, D.C., residents to possess functional firearms in their homes.

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