MORE ON ANTI-SCIENCE TERRORISM: After Attacks on Researchers, Caution and Steadfastness.

In many ways, the University of California at Santa Cruz was already prepared when firebombs ignited the house of one researcher and the car of another at nearly the same time early Saturday morning.

After all, it wasn’t the first attack against a Santa Cruz faculty member whose research involves experimentation on animals. Since that last incident in February, and more broadly over the past year, research universities, including the University of California system, have made more concerted efforts to coordinate their responses to threats, harassment and vandalism from self-styled animal liberation activists who many agree may be escalating their campaign.

Chris Mooney should write a book about this “war on science.” Since it involves, you know, actual bombs and stuff . . . . And note that groups like PETA are trying to get information on researchers made public, almost as if they approved.