You don’t laugh because you can’t make fun of Obama. The ground would swallow you whole. . . . Who needs foreign policy expertise when you’re so cool, you risk a three-point shot and make it on camera?

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UPDATE: Anyway, that’s not so cool as Kass makes it sound. My high-school friend Steve Proffitt once made a more than full-court shot — from the opposite end of the Maryville College gym, as he walked out the door — over his shoulder, all the way to the far goal, nothing but net. He was so cool, he didn’t even see it as he continued out the door without looking back. Now that’s cool. And if he were running for President, I’d vote for him, though not because of his basketball skills. Instead he’s a software baron, sadly enough for the Republic. But then, that field attracts more talent than politics, these days . . . .