RICK MORAN ON THE NYT’S McCain rejection. “The Times is dying. And the story of John McCain’s discarded op-ed is one of the big reasons why.” It’s almost as if they’re not objective!

Michael Silence quotes an observer:: “By sending their biggest stars across the globe to interview Obama, ABC, CBS and NBC have reinforced the notion that the Democrat is getting an easy ride.” Plus, if you report embarrassing things about Obama, you get kicked off the plane! If a Republican did this, it would be fascism . . . .

But some people are upset over the plane-kicking: Jeffrey Goldberg: “This is not the change we’ve been waiting for.”

Joe Gandelman: “an incident that could contain the seeds of a future political boomerang.”

UPDATE: Radio Equalizer notes that the Boston Globe published this column by Joan Venocchi: “The Audacity of Ego.” So the NYT is more in the tank than the Globe?

ANOTHER UPDATE: More thoughts here: “And herein lies the double-standard. McCain has not changed his position on Iraq in some newsworthy way, while Obama is busy laying the groundwork to ‘refine’ his policy. Thus, the NYT seems interested in rewarding Obama for starting to shift his position (even if the NYT would privately prefer otherwise), while blocking McCain because he has been consistent (and correct about the surge).”