BRIAN WANG: Offsetting Peak Oil for One to Two Decades.

Well, one of these could probably handle half my driving now. Maybe more. And Tennessee is N.E.V. friendly.

UPDATE: What happens when one of those little N.E.V.s gets t-boned by an SUV: “My girlfriend’s got a little bruise on her arm and a sore back, but she’ll live. The ZENN’s a little torn up, though.” Warning — your results may differ . . . .

Plus, the psychology of fuel efficiency, and why raising the MPG of gas guzzlers is more important than making efficient cars more efficient:

Say you have the ability to trade in a 10 MPG SUV for a 20 MPG crossover, or a 25 MPG car for a 50 MPG hybrid. Which switch is better for the environment? As it turns out, the former, even though one might be tempted to say that the former only improves efficiency by 10 MPG while the latter improves it by 25. Assume a 100 mile trip. The SUV will consume 10 gallons versus 5 gallons for the crossover for a net savings of 5 gallons. The car will consume 4 gallons versus 2 gallons for the hybrid for a net savings of 2 gallons.

I’ve actually mentioned this point before, but it bears repeating.

UPDATE: Arnold Kling thinks reports of inflatable electric cars are a hoax.