MAKING BICYCLING GREENER. Plus safety tips for biking with your dog. Call me crazy, but the bicycle dog leash in the photo doesn’t look all that safe to me.

UPDATE: Reader Steve Smith emails: “I’m the editor of three national dog magazines, and I’ve written nine books about dogs, including one that sold 300,000 copies, biggest seller for a dog breed book. Not bragging, just showing you I have the right to comment about your observation about if the leash is safe: It ain’t.” It sure looks iffy to me. Not that making it longer would necessarily be an improvement. I think the idea of leashing an animal to a light but fast vehicle is just a bad idea for all concerned.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Iain Bruce writes: “You are correct: the dog leash on the bike is unsafe. I bicycle over 7000 miles a year. Trust me here, tieing a dog to your bike is monumentally unsafe for the dog, for you, and for everybody around you. It is just plain nuts. Walk with your dog. Run with your dog. But show your dog enough respect to leave him safe at home when you ride your bike.”

Like I say, it sure looks unsafe to me.

MORE: Reader Ed Blum emails: “Reference the bicycle dog leash article. I have used this product for over five years with three different Golden Retrievers. I have had no problems whatsoever. At first, the two males tried to pull me along rather than pace along side of the bicycle. However I was able to quickly break them of that practice. I would caution a user not to use it on a wet pavement. With a dry surface, there is enough friction to keep you upright. My dogs love it, and it ‘s certainly easier on me. Love your website.”