BRITAIN DECLARES WAR ON FOOD WASTE: Going after hoarders and wreckers, now, eh?

UPDATE: This is priceless:

Food is likely to be at the heart of the G8 summit when Mr Brown arrives with seven other world leaders.

Not least because they will have eight official dinners at the lakeside Windsor Hotel Toya in north Japan.

At the culinary helm is Katsuhiro Nakamura, a Michelinstarred chef, who has flown in a team of 50 helpers.

Many ingredients are expected to include the vegetables and seafood for which Hokkaido – the northernmost island of Japan – is renowned. Whether the leaders will be brave enough to try raw sea urchin – a famous Hokkaido dish –remains to be seen.

The chef has also created one international signature dish: the G8 pate. It contains a key ingredient from each of the eight nations – including black truffles from France, ham from Italy and mushrooms from Japan.

Your world leaders address the food crisis!