THEY TOLD ME THAT IF GEORGE W. BUSH WERE RE-ELECTED, we’d see schoolboys punished for refusing to kneel and pray in class. And they were right!

Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and ‘pray to Allah’ during a religious education lesson.

Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

They said forcing their children to take part in the exercise at Alsager High School, near Stoke-on-Trent – which included wearing Muslim headgear – was a breach of their human rights.

You can’t make this stuff up. And, sadly, you don’t have to.

UPDATE: Clark Stooksbury is surprised to learn that Stoke-on-Trent is in England. I guess he wasn’t lucky enough to have Mr. Wolfenbarger for geography like I did. He also seems a bit unclear on the point of this “They Told Me” series, which highlights the way in which apocalyptic things said about the Bush Administration tend to come true in rather different settings. I’m pointing that out here, just in case anyone else hasn’t been paying attention.

MORE: Stooksbury’s update just demonstrates that the Andrea See quote over in the right sidebar here is right. Sorry, Clark, you’re just missing the joke here.