I’VE MENTIONED DAVID WILLIAMS’ The Mirrored Heavens before, but now here’s an interview with Williams.

UPDATE: Bill Quick emails:

So I’m out on my bike today – it’s gorgeous in SF – and I stop by the Bay for a breather and just to sit and watch the sailboats gliding under the Bay Bridge.

I open my backpack and drag out my 3 lb Lenovo with builtin EVDO, fire it up, and check my blog. Then yours – and see your post about The Mirrored Heavens. I click the link and check it out at Amazon. Sounds right up my alley. So I open my Sony eReader, connect it to my laptop, and buy the book for ten bucks, download it, and watch it join the 400 or so other books sitting in my reader.

It’s next on the “pile,” after I finish crunching my way through Peter Hamilton’s endless, but fascinating trilogy.

Speaking as a SF writer, I can tell you that intellectually this shouldn’t amaze me (and intellectually, I expect the process to be a lot more seamless in a couple of years), but as a 62 year old person who can remember when phones were black, tvs had tiny round screens, and the “network” was The Lone Ranger on CBS radio, there are times it seems downright miraculous.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Yeah, we’re not just reading science fiction. We’re living it! Hey, it’s the 21st Century, you know.