A PHOTO QUESTION: Reader Kelly Azar emails: “Please tell us what lens you’re using for all your great shots. Please!”

Well, it’s more than one. Recently, I fell victim to Ann Althouse’s peer pressure and bought this fisheye lens, which is used in pictures like this, or this.

Other wideangle stuff was shot with the 12-24 wideangle zoom, which is a hell of a lens though it doesn’t give the trademark fisheye effect. (Examples here and here.)

And there’s also the 18-200 VR DX zoom, which I used for pictures like this or this. This is probably the one lens to have, if you can have only one — wide range of focal lengths, vibration stabilization, compact size, and good quality. If I were adding just one more, it would probably be the fisheye — big difference, distortion correctable via software plugin, and not as expensive as the 12-24.

And thanks for the nice comments. I’m no Lisa Scheer or Rick Lee, but I have fun and I hope I can share a little bit of what I like about Knoxville and the surrounding area.