“AN AXE TO GRIND, AND PLENTY OF FURY TO TURN THE WHEEL.” Jon Henke asks: “Why does the Right side of the blogosphere have less traffic, a smaller audience, than the Left side of the blogosphere?”

UPDATE: Various readers complain about Henke’s reliance on Alexa.com ratings. That’s a fair criticism, to a degree — the numbers are based on the rather thin network of people who’ve downloaded the Alexa toolbar to their browsers. If even a few dozen InstaPundit readers added the Alexa toolbar it would probably produce a noticeable upswing in the rankings of InstaPundit and the blogs I link to.

Meanwhile, reader Arthur Krannawitter has a different theory: “Subtract gov. … org. univ., etc., blog hits by public employees surfing on paid time with public equipment and the lefty blog numbers would decrease dramatically– visit any govt., school, firehouse or other public office and witness this yourself – it’s nomenclatura blogging endlessly to and about each other … posit on your blog that this is true — it’s bored, nothing else to do, public employees who repeatedly hit left web sites all day long… private sector workers aren’t allowed this unrestricted, free use of office internet facilities, that’s why they listen to their own radios.” Well, possibly. On the other hand, rightish and libertarian blogs are a breath of fresh air in public-sector areas. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Bruce Bridges emails:

Well Jeez Glenn, I never heard of Alexa.

But as a loyal reader I thought I’d install the toolbar. Surprise, they don’t have one for Safari. So that eliminates the vast majority of my web work since I find Safari a more stable browser.

Don’t see how you can follow web traffic if you are ignoring a specific demographic like that.

Yeah, good point.