A TALE OF TWO TALE-TELLERS: Christopher Hitchens compares Doug Feith’s book with Scott McClellan’s. “As undersecretary of defense for policy, Feith was one of those most intimately involved in the argument about whether to and, if so, how to put an end to the regime of Saddam Hussein. His book contains notes made in real time at the National Security Council, a trove of declassified documentation, and a thoroughly well-organized catalog of sources and papers and memos. Feith has also done us the service of establishing a Web site where you can go and follow up all his sources and check them for yourself against his analysis and explanation. There is more of value in any chapter of this archive than in any of the ramblings of McClellan.”

And guess which one got all the press? Though happily, Feith’s book is still managing to stay up at #84, which isn’t bad for a book that’s been frozen out of major review venues — and certainly one that hasn’t gotten the benefit of the Bush-bashing premium in media coverage.