After anointing Obama as the nominee on Tuesday, the media narrative has shifted to the West Virginia and Kentucky “Appalachian” contests. They are reduced to quaint curiosities in which poor, white, uneducated mountain people from a “bygone era” have been trained to make their way to a school gym and push a button just like real people for the delight and amusement of the media elite.

The “dueling banjos” video in this post entitled “On to Appalachia” is a good example. Presumably it is a reference to the retarded West Virginia inbred voter demographic making up Clinton’s 20% to 40% margin of support there.

Because it’s “silly season,” as Obama called it, let’s analyze that more closely.

The scene is from the movie Deliverance. It was filmed on the Chattooga River, which is the border between Georgia and South Carolina. Obama won both of those primaries. Other scenes were filmed in North Carolina. Obama won that primary, too.

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UPDATE: Reader B. Hartwig emails: “You really think a parochial backwater like Kentucky, with half the population and gross state product, equals North Carolina?” Sounds to me like this is making Randy’s point.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Chad Olson emails: “Just echoing B. Hartwig’s thoughts here that it’s weird that a parochial backwater like North Carolina, with half the population and gross state product, equals Florida. How many delegates does Florida have at the convention this year?”

And Will Cate emails: “Pooh-pooh our friends in the Mountain State at your own peril: no Democrat has won the presidency and failed to carry West Virginia since 1916.” I’m guessing that calling them a bunch of dumb hillbillies won’t make that easier for Obama.