IF MCCAIN DID THIS: Marc Ambinder comments, “But if John McCain did this — if he mistakenly said he’d visited 57 states — the media would be all up in his grill, accusing him of a senior moment. Just saying….”

UPDATE: L.A. Times: “Barack Obama wants to be president of these 57 United States.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Tom Elia: “Personally, I don’t think it was a ‘tired mistake’ as much as this is just how Chicago Democrats are used to counting during elections and election campaigns…”

MORE: “I love the way he pauses and really thinks before adding the ‘-seven.'”

MORE STILL: Can he spell potato? “This is much worse than anything Dan Quayle ever did.” But there’s no Obama-is-stupid narrative for it to reinforce.

STILL MORE: Dreaming of empire? “Grand Strategist (and likely Obama supporter) Thomas P.M. Barnett in his seminal work ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’ urged America to add several states to the nation, perhaps as many as a dozen. . . . I’m shocked that Obama apparently believes in a hyper-muscular 21st century version of Manifest Destiny. Truly, I didn’t see that one coming.”

FINALLY: Reader Jeff Cauthen emails: “Somebody should ask him to name all 114 US Senators.”