DANIEL HENNINGER: Obama vs. McCain: Let’s Get It On! At one time, the Wall Street Journal would have eschewed such vulgarisms, but I guess that was pre-Murdoch. Anyway, Henninger writes:

Barack Obama, the first “postracial candidate,” is heading to the Democratic nomination almost entirely because of his near-universal support from black voters in the Democratic primaries. In both states Tuesday, his share of that vote was 90% or more. If one resets the black vote to the norm of earlier elections, Hillary Clinton is the nominee. . . .

Hillary Clinton, who now resembles the robot’s crawling hand in the final scenes of “The Terminator,” can plausibly argue to the superdelegates that much of this is electoral bunk. In Indiana, her share of the white vote to his, men and women combined, was 60-40, a huge lead. In North Carolina, 61-37.

They won’t buy it. Ever. . . . The Democratic superdelegates are products of their party – nice liberals, nice people. To stiff Obama’s black voters at this late hour, most of the superdelegates would have to be as hard and clinical about politics as the Clintons. They aren’t.

Read the whole thing, including this conclusion: “If John McCain can’t talk the American people out of re-Carterizing themselves, what has he been preparing for all these years?”