MORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT FRANKLIN GRAHAM-SHILLING in Knox County Schools. And note this, from the comments:

Junipero is so right about how our kids’ school time is squandered in Knox County.

FYI, though: No one’s going to be sponsoring recess. They don’t get recess–not at Bearden Middle School, anyway.

That’s right: No recess for the more than 1,000 10-15-year-olds spread over just 3 grades.

Just can’t fit it in, I guess, what with the demanding roster of baby showers for teachers, pizza evangelism, and sports fundraising.

I remember my teachers exhorting us to “use our time wisely.” I notice that my daughter seems to get exposed to a lot of this kind of thing. On the other hand, it’s not just the Christian stuff. Kids are constantly being sent out to sell crap (frozen Sara Lee pies?) to raise money. And, as I mentioned before, one of her teachers turns every lecture into a lesson on the evils of white Europeans, and of Western civilization generally. This is why I don’t get more upset at the notion of “teaching to standardized tests.” I suspect things would be even worse if it weren’t for that . . . .