kays1sm.jpgKNOXVILLE EXPATRIATES MAY LIKE THIS, a picture from the last Kay’s Ice Cream still in existence. Once these were ubiquitous, but they began a gradual slide toward extinction in the 1970s and now there’s only this one, on Chapman Highway, still in business. It’s a full-service place, still featuring lots of different ice creams and a “Kay Burger” from the grill. But it’s a bit the worse for wear — the giant ice cream cone is supposed to have a kid on the ladder, licking the ice cream, but he’s disappeared.

And no, I’ve never tried the “Frozen Tamale.”

It was closed on Sunday when I drove by, but I took a picture. I’ll try to post some inside pictures from when it’s open some time.

Baskin-Robbins just isn’t the same, to say nothing of Maggie Moo’s, Cold Mountain Creamery, and the like.

James Lileks could no doubt do a more poetic job. I’ll just say that I’m glad there’s still one of these in business, somewhere.