April 18, 2008

RANKING LAW SCHOOLS BY 1L attrition rates. This is a tough call. If you admit people with high LSATs and grades, not many will flunk. If you admit people with bad predictors, many, many more will flunk — but some will do well and become great lawyers, because the predictors aren’t perfect. But some will survive with scars. Until some time in the late 1970s, the UT law school followed the traditional pattern — near-open admission followed by flunking out about a third of the first-year class — and some of the alumni I’ve met from that era still have resentments and anger, even though they’re not the ones who failed. Our students today, now that we’re much, much more selective, are a lot happier. But what about the people who didn’t get in, but who might have made it?

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