MICHAEL YON’S BOOK is now up to #29 #17 #15 #13 #12 #11 #10 #8 on Amazon. And if you missed it last night, be sure to check out our podcast interview with him. (Bumped). (And bumped again!)

UPDATE: Michael Yon emails: “That’s just wild. Folks really did want that book after all. I was wondering how many people even cared. It’s great to know that people want to really know what’s going on.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Robert Mayer: “I don’t know if this has been said, but given Michael Yon’s volcanic rise through the book rankings, I think it is significant that such a bold book is being published when it is. As the Democratic politicians have already been ignoring Iraq for months, Michael’s book — hopefully becoming as widely read as possible — could be the last nail in the coffin of this dead mantra that we are losing in Iraq. Let’s hope so. Whoever the Democratic nominee is, s/he’ll have a hard time pushing for immediate withdrawal not only as victory comes within this nation’s clutches, but also as people come to understand this fact.”

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll see that Michael Yon doesn’t think the war in Iraq is over. But he does think we’re winning, and have a good prospect at winning big if we don’t drop the ball.

MORE: Breaking the top 10 on Amazon is pretty cool, but now they’re out of stock for the moment. You can still buy through his site, though.