Today, AFF judges awarded $10,000 to Dartmouth University senior Joe Malchow as the winner of AFF’s College Blogger Contest. Malchow founded Dartblog. Judges awarded a second-place prize of $1,000 to the staff blog of the Oregon Commentator and third-place to Surveillance State.

And via Joe Malchow, the other finalists: (Marquette University), California Patriot Blog (University of California, Berkeley), The Irish Rover (University of Notre Dame), The Critical Badger (University of Wisconsin-Madison), The Claremont Conservative (Claremont McKenna College), Panther Talk Live (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee), Surveillance State (Indiana University Bloomington), and On Life and Lybberty (Brigham Young University & University College London).

They’re all good blogs — check ’em out.