WITH A BULLET: Michael Yon’s book is now up to #258 #252 #167 #158 #139 #79 #75 #64 #43 #42 on Amazon.

UPDATE AND BUMP: I just finished the book. It’s terrific, and if you care about the war you should buy it, and read it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Liz Eagan emails: “May I suggest that in your reviews that you should also suggest that readers should contact their local libraries to encourage them to buy it. In my library system (metro ,Oklahoma City), there is a ‘suggest a title’ page. You can include a web reference for the book. I just suggested Michael’s book – hey it increases book sales…..”

Good idea. Or just donate one.

MORE: Various librarian-readers suggest that you’re better off requesting it than donating it, at least where public libraries are concerned.