GOOD QUESTION: Reader Eric McErlain emails: “Glenn — I’ve been doing just a little reading about these Texas polygamist group that was raided by Child Protective Services. I couldn’t help but notice that nobody needed to call in any armed troops to perform a search and remove those kids — a far cry from the Waco debacle. Why isn’t anybody mentioning the difference in execution between the two operations?”

Yeah, they do seem to have managed it without burning everyone to death. Maybe somebody learned some lessons, or maybe the Waco raid was just criminally inept. Story here.

UPDATE: Reader Kenneth Bennight emails: “As a life-long Texan, I caution you not to be misled by the Texas stereotype. An important difference between El Dorado and Waco is that El Dorado, insofar as I can tell, was a state operation, whereas Waco was a federal one controlled by Janet Reno. I have always believed that Reno wanted a dramatic news story. The Texas authorities here moved quietly, with the news story coming only after the deed was done.”

A dramatic news story? She got that.