IN LIGHT OF EARLIER KNIFEBLOGGING, (also here and here) I note that prices have been slashed on Swiss Army knives. Heh. Slashed.

UPDATE: Boy, mention knives and the email pours in. What’s with that? Anyway, reader Peter Gookins writes:

RE: emergency knives for the car. Take a look at this.

“Not as threatening” as a regular large knife (which is something I don’t worry about) one hand opening, seatbelt cutter, tempered glass breaker. The glass breaker works by spring action – which may be handy if you’re injured and can’t swing a tool – I’ve had one in a nylon case wire-tied to the console shifter for years. We have lots of lakes, canals and retention ponds here in Florida; tying the case to the shifter keeps it centrally located so a passenger can reach it if necessary (the driver may be unconscious) and it will be in the same place even if the car is upside down. With your door pocket placement there may be other stuff placed on top of it, and if the car changes attitude severely enough there’s no telling where it may wind up.

And Col. Douglas Mortimer emails: “I have one of these with only a blade – none of the cool Swiss Army Knife type attachments. Pretty cool for a stag handled Czech switchblade.” Some people might find that threatening.