OKAY, THIS IS KIND OF COOL. I emailed the Exposure Manager folks with a question, and got this response:

I saw your D300 mention as I was driving home from the airport and figured I would drop you a note anyway, as it was your D70 review that launched our company 4 years ago. Since then it is has been quite a ride. We currently have over 3,000 photographers that sell through our system, including The Miss USA/Universe organization and the Academy awards. Your initial post definitely set the ball in motion! Thank you again!

I had no idea I had that impact. I should’ve asked for equity . . . .

UPDATE: Reader Robert Rafton emails:

It’s not just exposure manager…I was interested in photography as a kid but started up again solely because you bought a D70. I got one too, and now (a few thousand dollars later and fourteen or fifteen cameras later) I’m into the photography big time. You can see some of my work here and at pbase if you like. I don’t know if it’s your type of thing though.

And yeah, I just bought a d300 and it rocks. Considerably better auto-focus than the D200.

I’m glad you’re not into square-dancing……..

So am I! I particularly like this shot.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Okay, here’s one of mine.