TOM SMITH says Hillary is being smeared with religion:

So there’s a Bible study group she belonged to in the White House and another in the Senate, which is sponsored by The Family. So what. A Bible study group, as probably no one at the Nation knows, it not like a secret society. You sit around and discuss the Bible and pray some. No animals are sacrificed or blood oaths taken. No coded messages exchanged. Perhaps we can put this in terms the Nation might understand. Imagine there is a reading group that gets together to read Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks and debate whether it is heretical or not. The shabby bookstore they meet in, several members of the group, and who knows what else, is probably one degree of separation or two from the Red Army Faction and the FARC. It’s a small world. This doesn’t mean everybody in the reading group is a Red.

Excellent translation.