“ALMOST BELIEVABLE.” John Kass writes: “Barack Obama looked me straight in the eye. I heard him speak. Yet unlike some other pundits, I felt no thrill going up my leg. . . . I wanted to believe Obama, and almost did.” (Via TalkLeft).

UPDATE: Gerald Posner at the Huffington Post: “I’m still in the Barack camp. But, as a vocal supporter, I’d like just a couple of answers about the flap over Reverend Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr, the former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, the Chicago megachurch where the Obamas have been members for 20 years. . . . Barack is not responsible for Wright’s views. However, how he responds to those views – and whether he is being straight with us, the voters – is critical as to whether he should lead our country.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oprah Winfrey goes to Wright’s church, too? “Wright, 65, is a straight-talking pragmatist who arrived in Chicago as an outsider and became an institution. He has built a congregation of 8,500, including the likes of Oprah Winfrey and hip-hop artist Common, by offering an alternative to socially conservative black churches that are, Wright believes, too closely tied to Chicago’s political dynasties.” That’s from a 2007 Chicago Tribune piece via Hot Air. This kind of makes me see Oprah a bit differently, too. “Not many people would associate Oprah’s easygoing nature and warm, welcoming appeal with the kind of oratory provided by Wright.” As with Mitt Romney on guns, I’m starting to think that they haven’t been entirely straight with us.

MORE: More Obama/Wright scrutiny from Jake Tapper of ABC News. Plus, further digging from Tom Maguire.