WHEN A MEDIA ORGANIZATION DOES IT TO AN INDIVIDUAL, IT’S NOT COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: At least, that seems to be the Associated Press’s position.

Jules Crittenden comments:

Of course the key words re the AP are not “news value” or “public needed to see,” but “legal department.” When you’re a multi-million-$$$ corporation and you have one of those, then you get to decide what the public needs to see and where they get to see it.

That may turn out not to be the case . . . .

And some worm-turns thoughts over at the AP-silenced Snapped Shots, which has a much better claim of “fair use” than the AP did.


In disputes of this kind, one would normally bet on the multinational megacorp with the big legal department. But it’s pretty clear from her general philosophy that “Kristen” doesn’t give away much for free, and certainly not “exotic photographs”. And, given what one of my readers calls her “fully-funded mandate” from the Governor of New York, she presumably has the pockets to take AP to court. You go, girl! It’s not often you get a case where there’s someone in the room with a higher hourly rate than the lawyers.

She may find lawyers willing to represent her on quite favorable terms.