OUCH: “Obama is being Jesse-ized by the day. The Clintons began the job, and Wright is finishing it.”

Plus this: “We’ve previously heard an unorthodox assessment of the American character from Michelle Obama; that, we were told, was a poor word choice or that she couldn’t have meant what she actually said. Well, now we’re hearing about how rotten a place America is from Obama’s pastor as well as from his wife. It’s getting harder and harder to believe Barack Obama himself doesn’t at least partially share their opinion.” Especially in light of the flag-pin and pledge-of-allegiance kerfuffles. Obama may have been admirably courageous in refusing to engage in public displays of patriotism he regarded as pointless, but he will likely learn why other politicians go out of their way to do so.

Also, “The Audacity of Hate.” And Tom Maguire asks:

What are the odds that, of all the ministers on Obama’s “African American Religious Leadership Committee”, only Wright is this far out in left field? What are the odds that the MSM will push down that road? My answers – slim and none.

That depends on how hard the Clinton folks push behind the scenes, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: The Anchoress says it’s not a case of the race card being played: “It’s a victim card. This is about the Primacy of Victimhood over all else. And frankly, I think if white America falls for this and starts freaking out over Wright’s “racism” then they will be submitting to a HUGE and insidious manipulation by the Clinton team.”