March 11, 2008


Finally, the Barack Obama campaign has found a big gun to help shoot down Hillary Rodham Clinton’s self-proclaimed foreign policy experience. And he may be the wackiest gun of all: Sinbad, the actor, who has come out from under a rock to defend Obama in the war over foreign policy credentials.

Sinbad? Oh, right. He’s mad at Saturday Night Live, too: ‘”My problem is — you couldn’t just temporarily hire a black man to play Obama? You had to put a white man in a black face? You couldn’t find a light-skinned brother to play Obama?” Or maybe somebody like . . . Sinbad?

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Let me see if I’ve got this straight: a white man is not allowed to portray a half-white man (Barack Obama) on SNL, but a black man is? Race relations in this country are a bigger joke than anything you’ll see on SNL.” President Clinton wanted a national conversation on race. Looks like they’ve got one going now.

ANOTHER UPDATE: “Is Obama black or white? Yes.” I’m well aware of the one-drop rule. What’s changed, though, is who seems most interested in enforcing it.

MORE: I’m suddenly reminded of the Seinfeld episode in which Elaine thinks she’s part of an interracial couple, but isn’t.

And here’s still more, from the Assistant Village Idiot.

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