ARTHUR SILBER: “The comedy of a significant portion of the progressive blogosphere’s reaction to the Eliot Spitzer revelations is…oh, hell, it’s transcendent!

UPDATE: More Spitzer comedy, with links to Spitzer jokes from Letterman, Colbert, et al. Don’t you think he wishes the writers’ strike were still on?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Unintentional comedy from Alan Dershowitz: “America only? I’m assuming Dershowitz has been living in a cave somewhere for the last six months and missed the entire French nation getting in a twist over Sarkozy’s affair and then marriage to Carla Bruni – and that was completely legal and aboveboard. Only someone truly square (like a lawyer?) still believes that canard about sophisticated Europe/naive US. Moreover, the outcry against Spitzer was not because he was some man seeing a prostitute, but because he was a guy who puts prostitutes in jail seeing a prostitute.”

Okay, the lawyer thing hurts a bit. . . .