HILLARY’S 3 A.M. AD, explained: “Hillary knows she’s going down. They issued that ad because they want McCain to win. She thinks she can be a star in the Senate, leader of the Democratic party when [Obama] loses. So the commercial is her gift to John McCain.” Are the Clintons capable of such breathtaking cynicism and selfishness?

UPDATE: Related item: “Hillary will probably become the new Teddy K. –a lioness of the Senate, serving there until the end of days for most of us. She will even enjoy and perhaps earn a unique sort of authority, an uber ‘been-there-done-that’ wisdom. If she ever writes a candid book, it will be riveting.” [LATER: Sorry — this link was wrong before. Fixed now.]

MORE: Drudge: “Hillary: Obama Not Muslim ‘As Far As I Know’...”