MORE ON SHUSTER’S GROVELLING: It’s the Clintons’ network. You just broadcast there.

UPDATE: From the comments: “This incident is a tool the Clinton machine is using to remind the media that, when they cover the Clintons, they are covering people who can destroy their careers. These reporters may as well be covering their bosses.” [LATER: Point expanded upon here.]

ANOTHER UPDATE: James Joyner: “I’m no fan of Shuster. Indeed, he’s a total and utter hack and MSNBC should be ashamed they can’t find a more serious journalist to put on their air. But these remarks aren’t worthy of tut-tutting, let alone firing.”

MORE: A roundup at TV Newser includes this: “An NBC insider close to the situation is outraged at the suspension. ‘This is the second time in a month we’ve caved to a political campaign, kowtowing under pressure for what were basically legitimate observations,’ the insider tells TVNewser. ‘We’re not even pretending to be journalists anymore.'” It’s the Clintons’ network. You just broadcast there.