STEPHEN GREEN IS DRUNKBLOGGING THE SUPER TUESDAY RETURNS. His liver, at least, is hoping things will be settled tonight . . . . Excerpts: “Superdelegate Christine Pelosi (daughter of Speaker Nancy) tells Sean Hannity that she’s ‘torn between my gender and my generation.’ Either she’s a perfect example of the identity politics that plague the Democrats, or there’s not one difference between Clinton and Obama important enough to sway Pelosi with substance. . . . What’s interesting about the Republican race is that it doesn’t seem to feature any actual conservatives. McCain is a first-amendment buster. Romney’s position on abortion has, through the years, proven transparently expedient. Huckabee is Carter redux, but with double the false humility. Paul hangs out with the Blame America First crowd. And pundits wonder why no one has this race tied up yet?”

UPDATE: Jason Pye is liveblogging the GOP results, but he’s apparently staying sober.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Professor Bainbridge is liveblogging, too, and I’ll bet he’ll have a nice glass of cabernet.