CANADA’S KANGAROO COURT: On video. More here.

UPDATE: “Pure, uncompromising brilliance.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Comments from Mark Steyn.

Ms McGovern, a blandly unexceptional bureaucrat, is a classic example of the syndrome. No “vulnerable” Canadian Muslim has been attacked over the cartoons, but the cartoonists had to go into hiding, and a gang of Muslim youths turned up at their children’s grade schools, and Muslim rioters around the world threatened death to anyone who published them, and even managed to kill a few folks who had nothing to do with them. Nonetheless, upon receiving a complaint from a Saudi imam trained at an explicitly infidelophobic academy and who’s publicly called for the introduction of sharia in Canada, Shirlene McGovern decides that the purely hypothetical backlash to Muslims takes precedence over any actual backlash against anybody else.

Read the whole thing.

MORE: Canadian reader Duane Mailing emails:

WOW! Those videos are absolutely incredible! Best thing I ever heard from the mouth of a Canadian. I was laughing so hard I was crying. A real man stands and speaks the truth….in this day and age…brilliant! I never thought I’d hear anything in real life that compares to Howard Roark’s courtroom speech from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead but I just did and I can hardly believe it. I am truly inspired by Ezra Levant.

I expect this will get a lot of attention. (Bumped)