I DON’T KNOW THIS BLOG, and can’t vouch for it myself. But if this story about Huckabee’s speaking fees pans out, it seems that it’s likely to be pretty damaging. I’ve got no problem with taking speaking fees from stem-cell research companies — but it contradicts Huckabee’s positions, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: More from the Globe: “He opposes embryonic stem-cell research, but this year accepted a fat speaking fee from drugmaker Novo Nordisk, which conducts embryonic stem-cell research.” (Via John Stephenson, who has more).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Shades of Jim Wright? Well, possibly. Reader Bill Nelson sends a link to this report that Novo Nordisk — the stem-cell company — distributed 35,000 copies of Huckabee’s book, translated into Spanish, for free. No word what Huckabee was paid; possibly nothing, possibly a lot. No doubt people will be asking the campaign about it.